Why Lease a Hyundai

There are many different situations why it makes great sense to lease a Hyundai. 
Sometimes, for those without the advantages of top-rated credit for financing approval or cash on hand for a down payment, leasing offers an excellent solution over purchasing a car. This is because the approval terms tend to be less stringent for leasing versus buying. Also, the amount due at signing for a lease tends to be affordable (and may even be $0 during certain promotions), whereas a vehicle purchaser would need to put a more substantial amount down in order to keep their monthly payments under control and/or shorten their financing term. 

With leasing, you can write a smaller check for your car payment each month, keeping more cash on hand to deal with the rest of your expenses. The basic reason for this is that the depreciation on a leased car is absorbed throughout the two or three years that most lease contracts span, whereas buyers of financed vehicles take the full hit at the outset. That's because car purchasers must cover the entire cost of a car at once, although they get several years (usually five or six years) to pay it off. Furthermore, a car purchaser must pay sales tax on the entire purchase price, whereas the lessee only pays sales tax on their monthly payment. 

Other Reasons to Lease 
At the end of the financing term, the vehicle buyer owns the depreciated vehicle and may keep it for as long as they want, free of any more payments - but the car will continue to age and growing maintenance costs will loom ahead. The driver who leased a vehicle will simply return it at the end of the term, or choose to buy it out and become its owner. Most lessees, though, just roll in to a new lease. It's a convenient and hassle-free option since they don't have to deal with selling or trading in a vehicle: they just turn in the keys and drive off in a new vehicle with a new lease contract. 

For people who love having the latest and greatest, leasing lets them trade up their car on a regular basis without worrying about losing money on depreciation or having to sell or trade a car that they own. Lessees can get behind the wheel of a brand-new car every two or three years, enjoying new technology and feeling more secure with active safety advancements and other amenities. And because of the way leasing is structured as well as attractive incentive programs, a lessee can usually get more vehicle for their money than if they purchased. 

If you are uncertain whether leasing is the best option for you, the excellent staff at Balise Hyundai of Fairfield would be delighted to talk with you and help you sort out the pros and cons of both leasing and financing. They will also tell you about any incentives currently running on Hyundai models that you're interested in. 

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