Maintenance Schedule

Keep up With Your Recommended Auto Service and Keep Your Hyundai in Great Shape With Help from Our Maintenance Schedule Tool

Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your car in great shape. However, keeping up with a maintenance schedule can be difficult. Your recommended maintenance schedule can vary depending on what kind of car you drive, the current climate and your driving habits. All those variables make it hard to determine how often your car will need auto service. That's why we have a maintenance schedule tool to help you figure out the best schedule for your particular vehicle.

With this tool, you can plug in information about your Hyundai including things like model, model year, mileage, climate and more. The tool uses that information to create a schedule that's specific to your vehicle. This makes it easy to keep up with an auto service schedule that will keep your vehicle running at its best for as long as possible.

When your vehicle is ready for its next auto service, feel free to make an appointment at our Fairfield, CT service center. We have a top-notch service facility and a team of skilled technicians who would be happy to take care of all your maintenance needs. You can count on us to get the job done right so your vehicle can stay in great shape for many more miles.

Feel free to use our maintenance schedule tool to find out when you should bring your Hyundai in for its next auto service. This tool will provide the schedule that suits your vehicle so you know when you make your next service appointment. Then when you bring your vehicle in to our Fairfield, CT service center, our technicians will do their best work to keep your car in great shape and running smoothly.