Hyundai Wheel Alignment in Fairfield, CT

Car ownership calls for some basic responsibility if you want your vehicle to run at its best. There’s oil to change, tires to rotate, and fluids to keep an eye on. Another aspect of basic car care that drivers may not think about much but nevertheless need to be aware of is maintaining proper wheel alignment.


How Do I Know When My Wheel Alignment Needs Attention?
Wheel alignment really is one of those things that you probably won’t think about until you realize something’s out of whack. In this case, that would mean you feel your vehicle pulling to one side of the road while you’re driving straight ahead, or the steering may not seem quite right. There also may be a new sensation of vibration as you’re driving (not necessarily when you’re braking, though, as that is more likely an issue with the brake components).  Or you might notice that your tires aren’t wearing evenly, with spots that are evidently worn down more than others (usually on the inside or outside edge of the tire).

And why is proper wheel alignment important? We’ve already mentioned that good alignment keeps the tires from wearing unevenly. Uneven wear on the tire rubber can cause loss of control, since the balder spots can’t grip the road surface as well, and if spots are severely worn down the result can be a blowout. Only wheels that are aligned as they should be with no compromised spots in the tires can provide the precise control that keeps you safe. Misaligned wheels, on the other hand, don’t allow the driver to steer with that same precision, and that can be dangerous to say the least. Fuel economy can also suffer when the wheel alignment isn’t properly maintained.


How Often Should I Have A Hyundai Wheel Alignment?

There’s no set answer to this, because it’s done not according to the maintenance calendar but in response to a need. If you notice one of the situations described above, it’s time to get your vehicle in to be checked by Hyundai service technicians. Wheel alignment should also be checked any time a steering or suspension component is replaced or adjusted. When you bring your vehicle to the service department at Balise Hyundai of Fairfield, we’ll carefully evaluate the alignment using state-of-the-art computerized equipment that ever so precisely measures each wheel’s angle. They’ll adjust those angles as needed to meet Hyundai’s exact specifications for that vehicle model, and they’ll also inspect all of the related systems to be sure there are no problems brewing behind the scenes. You can make your appointment the tradition way, with a phone call to 877-316-7332, or via our handy online scheduling tool any time of the day or night.