Hyundai Digital Key Technology




The days of no longer having to keep track of your car keys are almost upon us. With the introduction of Hyundai's latest technology, Digital Key (available for the first time with the 2020 Sonata), you'll be able to access and start your car straight from your smartphone. This advanced app functions by using a system called Near Field Communication (NFC) embedded within your vehicle that can detect authorized smartphones. These NFC antennas are located in two places: one in the door handle for locking and unlocking, and the other inside the center console's wireless charging pad to allow you to start the vehicle.


On top of that, Digital Key also allows a given smartphone to control certain vehicle systems remotely by using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications. This means you'll be able to activate the panic alarm, lock/unlock the doors, and start the engine all from a maximum distance of 30 feet away.


Benefits of Digital Key


If you often find yourself misplacing things, you now have one less item to worry about. Without a key fob, all you need to keep track of is your smartphone. There's also plenty of security associated with having a smartphone as your vehicle's key since they are password protected and on hand most of the time. For even more convenience, Digital Key allows up to four smartphones to have access to the same vehicle, so if a friend or family member needs to borrow the car you won't need to worry about meeting up to hand over the keys. In addition, Digital Key is programmed to remember its users' preferred vehicle settings, meaning that it will automatically adjust the side mirrors, audio system volume, radio station presets, seating positions, and more.


Security and Future Advancements


Hyundai uses the Trustonic Application Protection services as a way to keep Digital Key secure by making certain transfer requests are securely displayed to and approved by real users on a trusted device. On top of this, the system also uses a multilayered industry-recognized security approach for communication to and from the customer's smartphone. The degree of access to different vehicle functions can also be set for a specific period of time as the owner can preset the duration of vehicle use or limit its use to only certain features (for example, if a courier is delivering a package to the car and only needs access to the trunk).


Once Digital Key becomes more mainstream, you can expect to see additional features pop up to support things such as hassle-free vehicle rental where the owner and driver don't have to meet but can transfer Digital Key via the phone's application. Digital Key is also expected to enhance security further by being set up to trigger an alarm when the vehicle exceeds certain speeds or leaves a designated area.

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