Hyundai Battery Service in CT


Winter can take its toll on a car's battery, since cold-weather starts put significantly more strain on it than warm-weather starts. On average, a vehicle battery will last about five years, but various factors can shorten that estimated life. To avoid being stranded by a dead battery, you should have it checked regularly by your trusted service team and pay attention to the warning signs that indicate it could be headed for failure.

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Signs of a Dead or Damaged Battery

A damaged battery has a number of symptoms that indicate it should be inspected and/or replaced as soon as possible. The most obvious signs would be if there is visible corrosion on the battery, its case appears misshapen or bulging on one side, there is a noticeable smell coming from it, or the "check battery" light is on in your instrument panel. Even if you can get the engine started just fine, there may still be a problem with the battery if the vehicle's power accessories aren't operating properly, such as if the interior lights are flickering or the power windows are moving slowly. If the battery has already been in the car for a few years, it makes more sense to replace it at the first sign of an issue, especially in wintertime. The chances are much greater that you'll find yourself with a failed battery when it's cold outside, which can jeopardize your safety.


How to Extend the Life of Your Battery

Although your battery isn't going to last forever, there are ways for you to prolong its life. One good way to properly maintain your battery is to turn off all interior and exterior lights and other accessories as you exit the vehicle. You want them off when you start the vehicle, because accessories draw power from the battery if they're switched on when the car is not yet running. Keep in mind that frequent short trips aren't good for an aging battery, since starting the vehicle drains power that won't be replaced during a quick drive. On longer drives, the car's alternator helps to keep the battery charged, especially at higher RPM. Other beneficial habits include regularly checking the battery and cleaning any corrosion or debris from its contact points (you can use an old toothbrush and a solution of baking soda and water), driving your vehicle at least once every several days, and preventing the vehicle from idling too long. Since cars idle at such low RPM, little to no recharging takes place even though the engine is running.


Scheduling a Battery Inspection or Replacement

You can count on the certified technicians at Balise Hyundai of Fairfield to service your battery as needed and get the most life out of it. When the time comes to replace it, they'll install the manufacturer-recommended battery type for your vehicle model. You can reach our service department at 877-316-7332, or simply book an appointment online.