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We use our brakes countless times each day, and so that means they can't last forever. 

So it goes without saying that, like any vehicle, your Hyundai will eventually need brake service. The good news is there are things you can do to keep your brakes lasting a good, long time. First, be sure to monitor your braking system with a combination of your eyes and ears and inspection by your authorized Hyundai service technician. As part of your routine vehicle maintenance, a professional should check your brakes every 10,000 miles of driving. Among other things, he will check the brakes pads' and shoes' thickness, measure the drums and rotors, check the level of the brake fluid, and inspect the calipers, cylinders, lines, valves, and hoses. Anything that is showing undue wear will be replaced at that time. 

Warning Signs that Your Hyundai Needs Brake Service

In between those recommended service visits, keep your ears open for any new sounds when you use your brakes. Any squeaking, squealing, scraping, or other unusual sounds could mean there's a problem brewing in one or more braking components. Also pay attention for a soft or spongy feel to the brake pedal or vibration in the steering wheel, especially in highway or other higher-speed driving. This could indicate that your rotors are pitted or otherwise warped. If the pitting is minimal (which can happen if the vehicle sits for some time and rust forms), the rotors can potentially be resurfaced to smoothness, but only if there is plenty of material left on the rotors.

Other obvious signs of a problem with your Hyundai's brakes would be if you notice brake fluid leaking or if the vehicle is taking longer to come to a complete stop. When either of those things happens, get it in to an authorized service shop immediately. It is also not normal for the parking brake indicator light to be illuminated when the brake is not engaged. Parking brakes, also known as emergency brakes, can fail when the cable becomes stretched or freezes up. Use your parking brake regularly and test it as well to make sure it will still hold the vehicle as needed. It could be your lifeline in the unlikely event of brake failure.

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